Using Spoon Theory to Explain Chronic Pain

The Spoon Theory was a metaphor coined by Christine Miserandino when she was asked by her friends how does having a chronic illness feels like. This metaphor explains the limitation of people suffering from chronic illness. Each spoon is a visual representation of how much energy is required to complete a task throughout the day. An instance of 12 spoons was used to explain the limited energy and how it was rationed throughout the day which normal individuals have unlimited energy for. As such, people living with chronic illnesses are known as Spoonies.


Regardless of which chronic illnesses, whether due to pain or fatigue, we really require more effort to complete simple tasks which are often taken for granted. I get the same sick feeling of explaining what I am experiencing. Hence this blog comes in handy to explain the entire ordeal of fibromyalgia.


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Using Spoon Theory to Explain Chronic Pain


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