Could Fibromyalgia Be an Autoimmune Disorder?

Doctors have long believed that fibromyalgia is a psychogenic illness caused by the central nervous system. As the origin of fibromyalgia remains unknown, new researchers have made new findings this year using the antibodies of fibromyalgia patients injected into mice. It was noted that the mice being injected with the antibodies found in the blood of fibromyalgia patients, they subsequently developed symptoms of being sensitive to cold and pressure with reduced paw strength. As opposed to mice being injected with the antibodies of healthy individuals which were unaffected. This finding shows that there could be a correlation of fibromyalgia with immune system instead of the brain.


If this was the case, fibromyalgia would then be recognised as an autoimmune disorder and public’s perspective of the condition would be changed as well. It could mean a hint of hope for more scientific-based and effective treatments for those living with fibromyalgia.


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